Shoes made with plants. Because plant based leather is better. 

Introducing yebo, an innovative vegan sneaker. 

Yebo is inspired by you - that is - the optimist, the adventurer, the innovator, and the sustainable seeker who believes that each small step matters.


natural rubber
organic cotton
recycled rubber
recycled plastic

the soft upper is made from an innovative material derived from corn. 

produced in Italy using non-edible corn, the upper contains 47% bio-based materials and recycled water bottles.

a better leather.

the flexible outsole is made of recycled and natural rubber, and cork.

sourced in Portugul, the outsole is comprised of 70% eco rubber, 20% natural rubber and 10% cork.

proudly made in Porto, Portugal

with a factory who keeps sustainability and our planet top of mind.

why plant based leather?

most traditional vegan leather is made only of PU (fossil fuel based) or PVC (plastic based) which is harmful to the environment.

we believe plant based leather is a better leather.