The magic of Brazil's "discovery coast".

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This gentle coastline was the first place the Portuguese arrived in Brazil in 1500, giving it the name, Discovery Coast. Today, this is a UNESCO site where the whitewashed church still stands and colorful houses and artist studios extend around the square.

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Just before sunset the crowds wind their way back up to the Quardado to dine, drink and dance to local sounds of forro (pronounced foh-hoe) or axé (ah-shay).

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Trancoso had been a quiet fishing village slowly disappearing until it started to attract hippies (locally called “biribandos”) and artists in the 1970’s.

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We were lucky to call UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa our home in Brazil, best described as "a magical oasis." A property of 11 uniquely designed casas, the details are what makes it so special. We are still dreaming about the iconic "baribando salad" of beets, coconut, cashews and sesame- a must-try.

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