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Surf In Paris

Surfin' Paris. Wait... surfing in Paris? There may be more waves on the Hudson than the Seine but the indie surf label Cuisse de Grenouille has been making waves with the cool kids in Paris and beyond with their iconic sweaters, sleek board shorts and beautiful boutiques tucked away in the Marais and les Batignolles. CdG's roots are inspired by the Timeless style of '60s surf culture and fused with a tongue in cheek Parisian sensibility. To celebrate the launch of our SURF capsule collection with CdG, we had a chance to shoot the breeze with Severin, one half of the laid back brothers who founded CdG - when reading do your best inner-monologue French accent!

First off, why the name Cuisse de Grenouille or Frogs' Legs in French?
Cuisse de Grenouille (frogs' legs) is a name that says "hello! (french accent) we are french!" ;), foreigners will find it difficult to pronounce it, but will know directly that it sounds French. And for the french people, they find it funny and they will remember it. Plus, we place our brand in an environment of middle high brands that are sometime too serious for us, so we wanted to add a touch of cool and lightness.

How did you and your brother decide to start Cuisse de Grenouille?
With my brother Lucas, we grew up in Paris with a passion for surfing. We are not into competition at all but love the lifestyle of the trips and and the vintage look we can find when looking at old books about the '60s. So there are our inspirations : urban / '60s icons / with a little touch of vintage surf. We started the brand with board shorts as we were having difficulties finding a proper one in the market. So we made our iconic short based on the shape of the one you could find in California in the '60s. We found a special italian fabric that has the property to be memory contact. It is a rigid fabric that won't stick to the skin when wet and stay put when dry. The perfect way to remain a gentleman on the beach...

Where did you first learn to surf?
We first started to surf in Britany in Quiberon where our family goes on vacation every year. Also we learn a lot abroad. I lived 6 years in Asia, and each time we were meeting with my brothers was an opportunity to meet somewhere we can surf: Sri Lanka, Indonesia... What's top on your travel bucket list for the upcoming year? It's a very long list! I want to go to Africa and also the Canary Islands. Actually, I want to go to places I never went and try to find surf spots that are not crowded.

Your favorite surfing spot in the world is...
We have many favorites spot! But I think Lucas would agree with me on Crocodile Rock, it is a very long and easy wave nearby Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka.

What are your top 3 travel essentials?
A Cuisse de Grenouille board short (or maybe 3!), sunglasses, and sun cream. But of course I will bring my pair of Soludos. Always stay classy!

We have to ask, what's your favorite restaurant in Paris that we shouldn't miss the next time we're in town?
Restaurant 52 Faubourg Saint Denis

On the door of your shop it reads “Gentleman Surfer” - what does that mean to you?
In this expression the most important term is Gentleman. What is important is that no matter what, if you go surfing or if you go to a cocktail in Paris, you should always be a gentleman, in you manners and in your style! Surfer is more way of thinking, a philosophy than a sport.


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