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Summer Style: Jaymie of Soludos

We wanted to kick off our summer style profiles with one of our own Soludos gals. Jaymie tends keep it simple with a laid-back summer look, accompanied by funky accessories and a pair of our very own espadrilles. She always finds a way to mix her classic style with bright colors and patterns. We couldn’t resist taking a snap of Jaymie in her Cherry Print Soludos and floral skirt on this beautiful summer day. See below to learn a bit more about Jaymie’s summer style:

What is your go-to summer outfit?
Denim shorts, a white top, and a pair of my favorite Soludos

What’s the one item you can’t live this summer without?
A blender… I dream of my homemade smoothies when it starts to get unbearably hot in the city.

As a Soho girl, what are some of your favorite shops in the area?
I am recently obsessed with No. 6, which carries a combination of new and vintage items. The buyers have amazing taste, so going there can be a bit of a tease (I want everything in the store!). I also love Steven Alan and John Darian.

Who are some of your style icons?
My style inspiration is constantly changing depending on which magazine or blog I’m browsing, but a few people that I always look to are Diane Keeton and Kate Bosworth. I also love Ali McGraw’s classic look in “A Love Story.” I am usually most attracted to old-school styles and silhouettes- that’s probably why I work for a classic espadrille brand!

Everyone needs to splurge here or there, what do you spend the most on?
There’s nothing better than a comfortable sweater that you can live in. If there’s one thing I typically allow myself to splurge on it’s a great cashmere sweater. My current favorites are from Joie.

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