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A Wild Q&A with @aguynamedpatrick

What is the flock of fools? 

A group of guys who don't settle for the status quo. We are curious about life, and we crave adventure. Several times a year, we will follow our curiosity and adventurous spirit to seek out new experiences and destinations together. And share it all through Instagram, of course!


How'd the idea for this trip come about? How did you decide on Camp Wandawega?

@nathanmichael is our ringleader and common friend. It was his idea to get together a group of likeminded guys, and through a series of discussions, our values emerged and we created Flock of Fools.

Camp Wandawega is basically the perfect camp setting: situated on a lake in Wisconsin, it's equipped for quintessential camp activities like canoeing and archery, but it also has a treehouse, teepees, a fire truck, and is visually stunning. It was the perfect first trip together.

What'd you guys get up to in the wilderness?

In addition to taking photos, grilling, and playing with smoke bombs (they make for great photos), we made up a bunch of games: fruit baseball, paint balloon dodgeball, flaming tennis archery, and this revolutionary new game of daring we coined ultiMANum.


What's summer about to you?

Summer is about being outside, traveling, and taking time to retreat. The rest of the year (especially in New York) is about the hustle, so summer means taking some time to disconnect, get some sun, and make the hustle worth it.


Favorite summer style tips? 

Less is more. Especially when traveling, all you need is a pair of shorts, a pair of pants, a few shirts, and a great bag. And I love shoes that I can easily slip on and off (perfect for the security line at the airport). 

Most importantly: always bring a swimsuit. 


What's on your playlist? 

Recent history includes Future Islands, Cherub, Disclosure, Active Child, Spoon, and Black Keys. I use RDIO, and the station that gets created from my listening history is fantastic! 


Where is your ideal summer escape?

I'm most likely to head somewhere out of the way, but within the US: Provincetown for the New England beach scene, Aspen for summer hiking, or Big Sur for awesome views. Though lately I've been fantasizing about something more tropical: Tahiti, Bora Bora, or Bali perhaps?


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