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Montauk: Nick's Picks


Melet Mercantile: Bob Melet's seasonal shop offers an interesting mix of art, photography, antiques, textiles, jewelry and vintage clothing. And yes, it really is in that garage bay next to the auto repair shop. It's an inspiring place for those in search of a unique souvenir or unexpected gift. His sun faded collection of friendship bracelets are woven by a band of travelers he met on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. 

Surf Lodge: We started selling our espadrilles four years ago at Surf Lodge in Montauk. Its laid back, rustic vibe makes it one of the best places to spend a Sunday playing backgammon and listening to a lineup of amazing bands. Arrive early to beat the line, and order a dark n' stormy!  

Miansai at Navy Beach: For the second year running, Miansai will be pulling their stylishly outfitted Airstream up to Navy Beach for Labour Day weekend. It's loaded down with the latest items from their summer line and exclusive cuffs hand-stamped with the latitude and longitude of Navy Beach. All proceeds go to the Navy SEAL Foundation! 

Crow's Nest: A sunset glass of champagne and a chilled platter of oysters on the sand helps the time pass much more quickly while waiting for your table inside. With its delicious, local fare and roaring outdoor fire pit, this place is at the top of the list. Interior walls are covered in vintage kuba cloths and serve as the perfect backdrop to a long meal spent catching up with friends after a day in the sun. Bonus: it's walking distance to Ditch Plains for a starry eyed post-dinner stroll. 

Gosman's: Located at the entrance to Montauk Harbor, Gosman's dock is authentic Montauk. Gosman's has three casual restaurants with outdoor seating, a clam bar, and a gourmet fish market. A go-to for panoramic views and fresh seafood. 

Ditch Plains: This surfers' beach has the swells and the scenery, with beautiful cliffs rising at its western end at Rheinstein Estate Park, part of Montauk's Nature Preserve. Good amenities, too, including Ditch Witch, which has been around for 20 years. Their iced tea is served in custom glass mugs.


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