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Jeff Divine's Top 10 Favorite Subjects

1. E Bay, Mentawai islands , Sumatra , Indonesia. - This island chain is considered the best , most perfect wave field in the world.  

2. Wipe out. Most powerful waves present a physical, technical process of quick decisions on how to make the wave. The wipe out is standard fare for all surfers.

3. Kelly Slater. As an 11 time world champion , Slater immediately gets your attention with his radical, stylish , controlled, state of the art surfing.


4. Surfers. Where ever they gather from Ditch Plains to Pupukea, you can watch the style display enter and exit the waves.


5. Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hi. On the Haleiwa side of the bay you can sit on a manicured out cropping that is as close as you could safely ever get to gigantic North swells generated in the Aluetians.


6. Lance's right , Sumatra Indonesia. An early yacht surfing exploration in this area pulled into a key hole anchorage and couldn't believe the surrounding surfing paradise they had stumbled upon. To their astonishment , an Australian named Lance strolled out from his beach encampment to greet them. This is now a famous surfing destination.


7. Glen "Red Wings" Whitford. Technically, with his back facing outward to the wave and using a hand plane, this style of body surfing is like doing a one handed pushup.


8. Honolua Bay, Maui, Hi. Adjacent to the Pineapple fields, surfers park and analyze the size and swell direction before going down the cliffside pathways to paddle out.


9. Pipeline, Oahu, Hi. Sometimes the trade winds will blow the rain laden cloud cells through with the sun illuminating and rainbows appearing one after another.


10. Gerry Lopez. Any follower of surfing will know Gerry is synonymous with a zen like approach to surfing one of the world's most treacherous waves at The Pipeline.


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