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Jeff Divine Timeline

6:30 am - Bicycle in . Early morning surf at Cottons, a surf spot in front the of former Richard Nixon White house in San Clemente, California. The five acre estate is now on the market for 75 million.

8:30 am- In gear. Creating notes and talking points about article photos for editorial meeting. We pre-plan issues months in advance.

9:15 am - Light booth color check for quick turn around for our printers in China.

9:30 am - No appointment necessary. Accomplished artist John Van Hamersveld arrives bearing gifts of a new poster surfing series. He had done many album covers ( remember vinyl ? ) such as Exile on Main Street, Rolling Stones, Magical Mystery Tour ,The Beatles, Crown of Creation, Jefferson Airplane, Eat to The Heat, Blondie and the iconic graphics for the 60's surfing film "The Endless Summer ".

10:30 am - Sometimes you can get dizzy. Back to the computer for an extensive, complicated photo edit of 1200 photos from an incredible swell in West Australia.

12:30 pm - Stomach growling. Pick up a chopped salad with garlic toast from Guichos, to go. Drive to a great lunch bench over looking the surfing area called Trestles. A scaffolding for a judges stand is being set up in the distance in this normally placid San Matteo State Park. Before the Interstate 5 freeway built in 1965, this bench sits in the middle of what used to be Highway 101.

1:00 pm - Time bandits. World champion surfer and ju jitsu black belt, Joel Tudor and friends show up to help edit his favorite photos for an upcoming article. My jaw hurts from so much non-stop laughter.

2:30 pm - Don't bother me. Going over corrections in color for our printers. Have about 20 minutes to complete before pdf with corrections is emailed.

3:30 pm - Daydreaming. Back to the water with camera with a boat full of pro surfers, perfect waves and a on board chef . The Mentawai islands, Sumatra, Indonesia. Beam me there, please!

4:30 pm - Not done yet. Checking photo credits on final print outs of travel article. The process is very detailed oriented.

5:30 pm - Un-plug, go home, relax, don't worry. - Head to car and meet Malibu surfer and artist Steve Krajewski. He stopped by to say hi, heading home after taking down an installation at The Surf Gallery in Laguna Beach. Steve was known in the cultish world of La /Malibu surfing as being a master of riding a Hull surfboard, a difficult surfboard design to ride.


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