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Essential Summer Rock n’ Roll with Shark Week!

In search of some feel-good Summer tunes? Look no further than Shark Week, an up-and-coming band with a laid back, rock n’ roll sound – a perfect, sunny soundtrack. The group started as a bunch of friends looking to have some fun. Fast forward a few, and now they’ve been featured at SXSW in March and are touring the East Coast this Summer. So no, they’re not a TV series phenomenon, but rather a group of friends who know how to make some killer music.


Awesome name. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

Ryan and Danielle started the group to be an all-girl surf band, so the name fit the theme. Basically, the whole thing started as a joke, but now some people like us so we’re stuck with it.


Any cool summer plans (other than diving with sharks)? 

We basically had an early Summer when we recorded two songs in Puerto Rico last January, and we’re looking forward to recreating the rad time we had there this real Summer. The songs will be out July 30 on a seven-inch record on Analog Edition Records. We’ll be touring a bit on the East Coast and when we get back, we’ll hopefully start recording a full-length album. All of that, and pool parties.


How did you guys come together? 

We came together over a shared love of rock n’ roll, road trips and comfortable yet stylish beach-themed footwear. The rest is history.


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