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Essential Summer Photo Diary: El Salvador


Soludos founder Nick Brown recently went on holiday to the amazing beaches of El Salvador. See where his explorations brought him and what he has to say about it…



Two hours drive from San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador is a tiny, remote surfing obsessed village nestled on Playa Il Tunco. Il Tunco is renowned in the surfing community for one of the longest most consistent breaks.

The deserted black sandy beaches, towering palm trees and ninety degree water of the Pacific make it an incredible disconnect from the outside world.



I was learning to surf so the powerful waves of the Il Tunco and its close beaches made for a challenging, humbling but ultimately rewarding weekend. We’d wake up at sunrise at 5:30 to surf for hours before digging into some local ceviche followed by an afternoon surf session on another beach until sunset. More ceviche for dinner as well as the El Salvadorian classic dish  ’papoosa.

Here are some shots from Playa Il Tunco, Punta Roca and other beaches in the area.


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