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Essential Summer Photo Diary: Exploring Tulum!

We recently caught up with our friends Laurel Pantin and Emily Holland, both editors at Glamour Magazine on their way back from sunny Tulum, Mexico. Hearing about Laurel and Emily’s sun-bathing, bike riding and beach bumming adventures in tropical bliss left us feeling a bit envious, but also very impressed! These girls know how to enjoy the Summer sun!

Check out Laurel’s photo diary below:

My buddy Emily Holland, who is one of the Fashion Editors with me at Glamour, and I went to Tulum for a week and we had the most fun!


This was the view off the deck by the pool at our hotel. We stayed at a little place called Hotel Mezzanine Tulum, which was great, especially because they had two-for-one margaritas every afternoon!


We took advantage of that.

We ate at Mateo’s Mexican Grill a few times that week — the fish tacos are insane, and the coco locos are dangerously good!

When we got sick of laying out out on the beach (which really never happened), we rode bikes around the town. Before we left, Em and I got matching Budweiser bikinis, which looked great with my stripey Soludos!


GPOY! The water was so so beautiful.

We also rode to the ruins one morning. It’s amazing to see how they go right up to the water on the cliffs. Bonus neat thing, one of the little beaches in the area with the ruins is where sea turtles go to lay eggs!


My striped Soludos are so soft and cool, they’re perfect beach shoes.

Wahh! Six days, two sunburns, and about two dozen margaritas later and it was time to go home. All in all, it was heaven!


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