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Soludos x Mary Matson x Sleepy Jones

Our latest collaboration with Sleepy Jones featuring designs by LA-based artist Mary Matson is the pop of color you've been looking for this Summer. Our traditional canvas espadrilles became a canvas for Mary Matson's bold yet simple brush strokes when she hand painted a couple dozen pairs last Summer. The designs were so well received that we created a print (in which each and every pair is slightly unique). Take a gander below to read Mary’s thoughts on art and summer (and the intersection of the two). 

1) So many of your illustrations are based on iconic symbols of Summertime. Is it safe to say Summer is your favorite season?
(If yes, what's your favorite part of the season?) 
 I love summer. I enjoy all seasons but summer represents freedom & who doesn’t enjoy more daylight! I just moved to Los Angeles from NYC. I have noticed that there are seasonal differences here. Plants and trees are constantly blooming and making new colors.

2) Beach or pool? Desert or jungle? 
Beach. Always. The air and the sound of the ocean. It's also fun to explore the Desert. Living in California I am enjoying exploring the great outdoors and rediscovering nature. The Desert is such a contrast to the ocean. The light and its vastness. My first job was a lifeguard so I love the pool, too.

3) What's been your most inspiring travel destination? 
My local travel destinations are Abalone Cove, Crystal Cove State Park, Malibu, Ojai, Joshua Tree… there are so many out here. I am planning to visit Seven Magic Mountains Sculpture Park, an art project, by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone outside Las Vegas.  

4) If you were stuck on a desert island, which artists (living or dead) would you want to bring with you?
David Hockney. Could we bring an endless supply of art making materials?!  Matisse could come, too.

5) Where are you taking your Soludos next?
Crystal Cove State Park this weekend! And my studio. 

6) What was the inspiration between the design that you created for the Sleepy Jones x Soludos collaboration? 
Last year I hand painted 24 pairs of Soludos for Sleepy Jones.  I picked 4 colors and 4 shapes. I enjoyed mixing and matching the various shapes and colors- hand painting on Soludos made for a great canvas! Those became the sketches for this round of Espadrilles. 

7) What color could you never live without?
That’s a hard choice. I am attracted to primary colors. I could never live w/ out a stripe. Stripes are my favorite color.