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A Return to Our Spanish Roots

Soludos came about because our founder Nick Brown couldn’t find the traditional rope soled espadrilles he grew up wearing while traveling along the Spanish Coast. Ever since, he’s wanted to produce our shoes in Spain, where espadrilles have been made and worn along the Mediterranean and in the Pyrenees since the 14th century. 


At last, that dream has become a reality and we’ve started working with a family-run factory in Alicante that’s been in the business of making them for four generations. (Alicante, on the southeastern Mediterranean costa of Spain, is renowned for both its killer cuisine as well as the footwear manufactured here.)


Let’s revisit our roots for a minute: the word espadrille originates from the Spanish word esparto, meaning a type of grass. Jute, which is a kind of grass, is woven into braids and then hand-spun together to form the soles of espadrilles. That is a technique that has remained the same for centuries and the factory we have started working with, which also handles espadrilles for some of the world’s top designers, has been doing it longer than almost anyone out there today. Talk about heritage! Once the golden espadrille sole is ready, our special rubber Soludos espadrille soles are pressed on and fused with the braids of the jute. Finally, our leather uppers are hand-stitched to each espadrille outsole and voilà, a Soludos espadrille is born. 



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