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A Very Handsome Collaboration

We’ve teamed up with Aussi print masters We Are Handsome and their audaciously fun prints to create some downright handsome Soludos!

WAH’s tongue-in-cheek attitude to 80s inspired vivid photo prints has always had a place in our hearts and we ended up with some wild designs that capture both brands’ love for summer. Soludos and WAH go together as naturally as a pina colada and a paper umbrella so working with WAH designer Jeremy Somers has been a breeze. We sat down with Jeremy to chat about inspiration and all things summer… 

We’re jealous that your summer is in full swing down under. What’s a typical summer weekend like for you?
My weekends always start off early with exercise and a sunrise, it really helps get you prepped for two days of lazing around in the sun, taking the dog to the beach and spending time with loved ones by the sea.

You’re always chasing an endless summer. What’s your favorite local and far off destination for an escape?
We travel a lot, always looking for the most pristine island and adventure. Close to home, Hamilton Island in Queensland is at the top of our list – my wife and I are practically inhabitants! Further afield, Africa, is our adventure land, full of unknown and unexplored territories, wild animals and thousands of kilometers of seldom touched coastline, islands and beaches.

We love the Hideaway print on our espadrilles. Where did this image come from?
The Hideaway is based on part of an old illustration I found. I re-imagined it, fixed it up and gave it that Miami, fun in the sun vibe.

Where did you find inspiration for your current collection?
The little things in life, hidden in plain sight that astound and inspire awe, everyday.

About We Are Handsome
Since 2009, Australian beachwear brand We Are Handsome and founder Jeremy Somers has been putting sexy back into their 80′s-inspired vintage designs. Whether it’s a tiger face on a bikini bottom or a dreamy sun-drenched motif on a one-piece, the designs are testimony to their devotion to eternal summer. See more onwww.werarehandsome.com

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